Life at PIE

Our people are our most valuable ingredient.

PIE was founded on a strong set of values - one of which is dedicated to the people at the heart of our business.

Every member of the team - from Leaders to Consultants, Operations Director to Team Assistants and everyone in between - contributes significantly to our success. We work hard & smart, sticking to our values and enjoying our work.

We've already achieved a great deal in a short time - and we like to celebrate this!

Developing your career at PIE

We’re always on the look-out for talent to join the PIE makers.  With a wealth of consulting roles available, we’re not restricting our search to our existing specialisms, market verticals or even geography.

Whether you’ve proven yourself in a recruitment career or you’re a talent in sales or marketing and looking to give your career a new edge, we’re keen to talk. You'll need to have an appetite to create new opportunities and a thirst to talk to new people.  All the time.

What you’ll get in return includes great rewards, both financially and psychologically and some realistic career growth opportunities.

Investing in you to be the best you can be

New hire - so all you need is a phone and a database, right?  Off you go!

It’s about a whole lot more than that. PIE is serious about being best. We’ve got it all - the latest CRM, full recruiter licenses, bespoke client management software, training resources & advertising budgets. There’s also a commitment to marketing PIE & building and marketing your own recruiter brand.

But we also believe that the environment you come to every day is key: the physical and the remote office. And simply working with a close, positive and fired up team.

We use only the best quality staff that cut it with the best in the business. No excuses.

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