Advertised Selection

Leveraging your own brand can be a huge advantage when looking to attract talent to your organisation. At PIE, we have years of experience in designing and tailoring multi-channel advertising campaigns to suit your needs. 

Whether it's social media platforms, recruitment sites, direct marketing techniques or content led marketing, you can be confident we've the experience to identify the best methods to get straight to your target audience. 

Advertising is not where it stops. We have the latest applicant tracking systems to ensure your campaign is managed every step of the way, and that every candidate who interacts with your brand is left with a positive experience. 

From a commercial perspective, we leverage our economies of scale to ensure you get the very best ROI and will provide full analytical reports to monitor the effectiveness of every campaign.

Whether it's a one off or part of an ongoing hiring strategy, you can be confident that partnering with PIE will be a sound investment. 

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