Taking the Plunge!

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So it’s your first day at your new job and it feels like the first day of school all over again. Having recently taken the plunge myself into a role with PIE Recruitment I know how it feels and the range of emotions you go through.

  •         Excitement - as this is the first day of your amazing new career.
  •         Nervous – can I actually do this? Will my new colleagues like me?
  •         Let’s do it! – wanting to get in there and just get stuck in.

Preparation is also massively important.

  •        Know who you are meeting on your first day
  •        Plan your attire (know the dress code)
  •         Plan your route
  •         Come prepared and ready to learn
  •        Try and not let the nerves get the better of you

Walking into your new office on your first day, you want to make the best impression possible. Friends and family offer the “just be yourself” advice. Google and magazines offer “out there” suggestions of how to walk into your new job and become the CEO’s BFF.

Some of my personal first week failures include asking a colleague (who had been training me all week) who “first name last name” was. To which their answer was “that’s me…”. Oops. Then, in an IT role, accidently mistyping google and broadcasting an 18+ website to the entire office. Not good. And the biggest no no - nearly running over a colleague. Not the best start!

Speaking from recent experience, taking the plunge was 100% the right decision. I have come into a company with a great culture, to an exciting role where I can learn and grow accompanied by occasional Nerf gun wars, musical chairs, pin the wheel on the Northgate van and most importantly - supportive colleagues.

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