Interview Preparation


You need to know what you are applying for and your application to a role shouldn’t be half-hearted or like throwing confetti into the wind. We pride ourselves on making sure you know what we know, from our in-depth understanding of the company, the key players, the team and how they operate, to translating the job description into a real day by day picture.

Interview preparation assistance comes as standard issue. We know how this will happen with each process because we check each time. You’ll have an appointment with the Consultant that knows the client best to talk you through this at least 24-48 hours before each interview and we’ll follow up with anything that arises from this chat.

Interview de-brief happens with your Account Manager as soon as you catch your breath afterwards. We get your reaction, any further questions you may have and your feelings about how you either want - or don’t want - to progress, while it’s still fresh in your mind, and we can deal with anything you want to smooth over or re-iterate while it’s still fresh in theirs.

A second pair of eyes with your presentation. Most processes involve a presentation of some sort these days and we love seeing yours. Not only can we be a sounding post and a spelling and grammatical checker but also we’re a technology back up and then fully up to speed when taking feedback from the client.

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