Meet Chris

HOW DID YOU GET INTO RECRUITMENT? Having worked in car sales for years, I would often get overlooked for jobs which were purely B2B. I knew I had more to offer and felt I could make a difference to people’s careers. Automotive sales recruitment seemed perfect.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE A RECRUITMENT CAREER? No two days are the same and you deal with different people from all walks of life. Fast paced environment where you’re in control of your earning potential. People are your product, things happen out of the blue & not everything always goes to plan, but that’s what makes it exciting & very dynamic.

WHAT'S WORKING AT PIE LIKE? We operate with a modern approach and have the right tools to succeed as consultants. The people are great that work here too, and so are the perks. Set the PIE record for highest quarter billed and won a trip to take my daughter to Disneyland Paris for the weekend. I’ve also been top annual biller twice.

ANY ADVICE FOR A NEW STARTER? Stick with it, it takes time to learn the recruitment process and become credible in your industry. Once you have built your network and got your head around the market it is really rewarding and you can make your career your own.

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