Meet Lyle

HOW DID YOU GET INTO RECRUITMENT? I was a candidate  of Chloe’s at a previous company and she thought I’d make a great consultant, That’s 4 years ago now and I’ve just been promoted to manage the consumer team, I’ve learned so much and never looked back.

WHAT’S GOOD AND NOT SO GOOD ABOUT RECRUITMENT? It teaches you so much from a commercial point of view, you can earn some serious money & it really can be like running your own business .  I love working with the clients, some are the biggest brands in the world, consulting on what I think they need then going to make a difference. It’s tough though and you’ve got to work hard as well as be really self aware & willing to take some criticism along the way.

BEST MOMENT IN RECRUITMENT? A big invoicing month quadrupled my salary

WHY PIE? Genuinely talented bunch of people, get on like brothers & sisters, commitment to doing it better & awesome days out. Amsterdam, need I say more?

ADVICE FOR A NEW STARTER?Stick with it, it’s tough at first but listen & take advice on board, learn from the lows & you’ll make it

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