What Makes You PIE?


Communication - in person, on the phone and in writing. You've got to be able to express yourself and have the desire to want to communicate with others - even when it's not always an easy conversation.

Problem Solving - if we only ever take things at face value we wouldn't get very far. You'll need skills to listen to what's really going on and then the sense to 'win 'em over' to your best outcome plan.

Selling - not always in the classic sense and we're not talking Wolf of Wall Street, but an understanding of the ultimate goal and how to get there is a plus in our book.

It's a way of life, not just something you turn on at work. Are you the kind of person that doesn't always accept 'no' for an answer? Can you be bothered to get to the bottom of a problem? Do you believe everything everyone tells you or do you really listen and then ask the right questions? Do you get up in the morning excited about what you could do that's different today? To make a difference to someone else? To do it better than someone else? Then maybe you've got a bit of what we need...

We'll hire great seasoned recruiters but by no means do you have to have experience in agency or client side recruitment to do a great job. In fact, many of our best hires have been our own, home grown talent. You'll ideally have worked in a sales-led environment, understanding the commercial journey and what it takes to win hearts and minds of customers, to properly develop relationships with internal teams as well as those with clients. You'll see from our people that experience can come from a wide variety of job roles and sectors.

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